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I appreciate you! Rooted Magic Birth's placenta encapsulation exceeded my expectations. I had no clue what to expect after having my first baby, but it wasn't pretty! Hormonal imbalance, mood swings, low energy, ...the list goes on. One thing I was skeptical about was if placenta encapsulation was going to work well for me. It did. It really did. I had tons of energy, the fog of postpartum anxiety subsided, and I stated to feel like me again. I'm excited to try the tincture when my period comes back, and the salve has been amazing for diaper rashes for baby and occasional dry patches for me. Having the cord keepsake and placenta print is something I will cherish forever. I really can't say enough good things! Thank you Sammie!


WOW!!! I'm so impressed by everything that you've done. The presentation is beautiful and made my husband, and I feel very special. It actually got me a little teary looking at those umbilical cords and placenta prints. I just took a few pills. I'm so thrilled. Thank you!


Early in my pregnancy I knew I wanted my placenta encapsulated. Fast forward to the end, finding someone was the last thing on my mind. My doula recommended Sammie when I was about 6 months pregnant but I procrastinated. Despite this, Sammie was a gem! She held my birth date and was totally flexible while I finalized everything. As a mom and birth worker, she 100% understood where I was in the third trimester and made herself available to answer all of my questions. Working with her was stress-free. My doula delivered my placenta to Sammie, and Sammie delivered the finished placenta goods to my house. I was only expecting my capsules but Sammie went the extra mile and gave me precious keepsakes, because that's just what she does - makes you feel special!
Thank you Sammie for helping me start my postpartum journey in such a supportive way.


Thank you for supporting me through my journey, staying by my side, encouraging me, massaging me, working out, and singing you're the best. Also encapsulating my placenta! You're phenomenal.


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