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Hi, I'm Sammie Danielson. Founder of Rooted Magic Birth.

When I was a little girl I was always awed at mothers. The power they held to grow a tiny human, and then take care of them day & night, and still manage to do daily duties. With my mom being a midwife I heard all the birth stories as normal table talk. It was only natural that this was the path for me. As I grew older my friends were drawn to me for advise about moon cycles, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum related questions.  

I was 20 years old when I birthed my first son. A few years later I birthed Kameron, 

I tried to follow in my mother’s footsteps and go down the nursing route in hopes of getting into labor and delivery only to stop going to school half way through. I came to the realization that western medicine wasn't for me. Even though I had plans to work with pregnant women I hadn't found my path yet, but I did find surrogacy.
Harry, my surrogate baby. I even had the pleasure of handing him over to his mommy for skin-to-skin right after birth. What an accomplishment!

Another beautiful delivery. Surrogacy further grew my heart of the birthing community. 

After birthing Harry, and after an egg donation, and being pumped full of hormones my body was ready for a detox. I went down an holistic rabbit hole. Throwing away things in the house that didn’t align with the new 'holistic' me. I became strongly attached to essential oils, herbs and internal healing; spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

A few years later, The Mermaid Movement  released a year program. It involved going deep within, and finding the ‘me’ that I was ready to evolve into.  Big Island Hawaii is where I started to cleanse and fully emerge into a new born me. The doula me. ​I had been introduced to doulas within the surrogacy world, and I was interested in what they had to offer. Kristen, the founder of The Mermaid Movement, gave me the nudge that I needed to start my doula journey. The program took me through crystal healing, encouraged me to speak up for myself and others, and fine tuned the details to push me in the right direction.
Then, I fell pregnant with my youngest. My pregnancy was great until 26 weeks where I was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which is excruciating. I couldn’t walk. Life became a little difficult.

I now see it as the universe having better plans for me. Universe/God, needed me to slow down my role as a hairstylist so I could fully dive into studying. I was able to sit in my recliner, and read all the necessary readings. The books were easy reads, and I still, to this day continuously read and educate myself further. I’ve been blessed to be put on this path, and lucky to be introduced to the birth world at such a young age. I have come to realize that even though I hadn’t officially done any training (years ago), I had already been a doula for YEARS! I have been a birth support person for many people without officially claiming my title.

Having a doula at my own home birth was a blessing. I witnessed first hand what it feels like to have an extra set of eyes, extra set of arms, and soft encouraging words making me realize what I was missing at my prior births. 

Jett was born at home in a long (4 day), calming, unmedicated, water birth. 

We were surrounded by midwives from Acorn Birth Center, in Fallbrook, CA. Along with Josh (dad), Kristen, (doula, and friend), mother, and mother-in-law.

I realized what a beautiful journey I have had to find where I belong.​

If you have taken the time to read all this - Thank you for following me on my path.

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